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The main activities in the laboratories are students experiments, undergraduate/graduate thesis related research, and public service. Most laboratories have room for the academic staffs, administrative staffs, and technicians. All laboratories are connected to the campus fiber-optics backbone via two gateways. All staffs and students working on their research project have access to the local area network as well as internet facilities provided by ITB.

Overall, there are 16 laboratories within the Mechanical Engineering Department. The brief description of each laboratory is as follows:


1.           Physical Metallurgy Laboratory: this laboratory provides facilities to perform research in materials, analysis, testing, etc. The lab houses standard testing device such as universal testing machine, hardness tester, impact tester, microscope, ultrasonic, scanning electron microscope, etc.

2.           Mechanical Metallurgy Laboratory: researches in this laboratory are focused on mechanical properties of materials, failure analysis, metal forming, composite mechanical properties, corrosion, etc.

3.           Foundry Laboratory: this facility houses research on casting and other related aspects normally exist in foundry technology.

4.           Basic Manufacturing Processes Laboratory: this laboratory provides conventional machineries (lathe, milling, shaping, welding, bench working, etc.) for laboratory classes.

5.           Machine Tools & Production Equipment Laboratory: this facility houses non-conventional machineries such as the electro discharge machining (EDM), wire cutting machine, CNC machine, etc.

6.           Metrology Laboratory: this facility is accredited as a calibration center for caliper, micrometer, and other length measuring devices

7.           Automation & Production System Laboratory: research in this facility is focused on mechatronics, numerical control, robotics, industrial robot, etc.

8.           Fluid Machinery Laboratory: this facility houses test rigs for laboratory classes such as centrifugal pumps (series/parallel connection), compressors, pipe friction, as well as research in pump, water turbine, governor, etc.

9.           Cryogenic, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Laboratory: research in this facility is focused on cryogenic (subzero temperature), refrigerants, cyclone, etc

10.        Internal Combustion Engine & Propulsion System Laboratory: this facility houses test cells for laboratory classes, as well as for industrial purposes.

11.        Thermal Energy Laboratory: this facility houses a small steam power plant for teaching purposes.

12.        Computing Laboratory: this facility houses computing facilities for students to complete drawing assignments, design, numerical method & programming, etc.

13.        Mechanics and Mechanical Construction Laboratory: this facility houses test rigs to reinforce the understanding of basic mechanical engineering phenomena as well as measurements technique such as continuous beam deflection, buckling, gyroscope, governor, free and forced vibration, journal bearing, conduction, forced convection, experimental stress, etc.

14.        Thermal Engineering Laboratory: this facilities houses research in free convection using optical methods and solar energy utilization.

15.        Mechanical Design Laboratory: research in this facility is focused on mechanical design, design methodology, CAD/E, concurrent engineering, design optimization, etc.

16.        Dynamics Laboratory: this facility is shared by several disciplines and it concentrates in the area of vibration measurement, vibration testing, and predictive maintenance.


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